Each coffee with its Marc (Orujo)

Each coffee with its Marc (Orujo)


Zamora distillery Orujos Panizo has participated today in the Food Exhibition which took place in Valladolid, in a wine pairing between their marc spirits and coffees from different sources. Because every coffee if it is accompanied by a liquor assembly perfectly with its features, the better.

The experience of a barista brought to the marriage of coffee and liqueurs marc. Today in the Hall of Food, Orujos Panizo has participated in a wine pairing between different liqueurs marc with coffees from different origins.


Proposals: A Vietnam Robusta coffee, strong, full of citrus notes, paired with Marc Tan and Marc de Miel. A coffee from Nicaragua with marc Herbs. Kenyan coffee with marc of Limon, and to finish a Brazilian arabica coffee with cream and Marc Caramelorujo.


Zamora distillery has been in the Hall of Food with Marc distillates, less than a month before the end of the IV National Contest of Cocktails in another show, the Gourmet Show is held. The competition, which has a record of participation of all its editions, more than one hundred formulas presented, aims to demonstrate that a so genuinely Spanish distilled as brandy can also prepare delicious cocktails.

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