Author: Javier Ramos Martin

Cocktail Ingredients:

-3cl. Panizo Marc Verdejo Brandy

-1cl. Panizo Toasted Liqueur

-1cl. Panizo Pacharan (Sloe Brandy)

-2cl. Panizo Morujito (Marc Mojito)

-20cl. Seagram`s Tonic

Cocktail Preparation:

Modality: Long Drink

Preparation: glass mixer

Development: cool the mixer with rock ice glass, remove the water and ice, add the alcoholic ingredients of the cocktail in the cold glass in the following order: Marc Verdejo Brandy, Toasted Liqueur, Pacharan, Morujito, add ice and mix it with mixing spoon, we pour the mixture into a clean empty glass previously cooled. We add the tonic gradually, without breaking the bubble, mix gently and garnish with a slice of carambola an orange zest, 2 and 3 juniper berries carpaccio of white fresh grapes.

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