Closing up

Closing up

Sergio Sobejano RiveroSecond place in the 8º Concurso de Cócteles de Orujos Panizo
Cocktail Ingredients
 -5 cl. Panizo Coffee Liqueur
- 2 cl. Panizo Caramelorujo
- 1 twist of orange rind 
- 10 cl. Liquid cream 
- Ground cinnamon
Cocktail Preparation
 "Closing up" is a cocktail with digestive properties that is sweet, mild and perfect for having after a hearty meal or even to accompany a dessert. It is very simple to prepare.
Firstly, we pour the Panizo Coffee Liqueur and the Panizo Caramelorujo into a 2-piece cocktail shaker, over which we twist the orange rind so that the essential oils fall onto the liqueurs. We then add ice cubes and shake the cocktail shaker until it is cold. We serve the mixture by double straining it into a martini or short drink glass. We then pour the liquid cream into another cocktail shaker and shake it vigorously for approximately one minute to whip up the cream and give it a thicker texture. When the cream is ready we spoon it slowly onto the rest of the cocktail whereby it remains on top.
To conclude, we sprinkle on a topping of ground cinnamon and we decorate with 3 coffee grains.