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Jelly Candy with Pacharán (Sloe Brandy)

Jelly Candy with Pacharán (Sloe Brandy)

Orujos Panizo

With this recipe you'll be able to make Pacharán Panizo-flavoured gummy sweets, which can make great desserts as well as sweet appetisers. With this recipe you'll surely surprise friends and family!

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Recipe Ingredients
  • Leaf gelatine (6 sheets)
  • Pacharán Panizo (250 ml) White sugar (50 g)
  • White sugar (50 g)
Recipe Preparation

1.      Soak the gelatine leaves in lukewarm water.

2.      Pour 125 ml Pacharán Panizo and the sugar into a saucepan and simmer.

3.      Once the sugar has melted, strain and add the gelatine sheets. Stir until everything is diluted.

4.      Add the other 125 ml and keep stirring. Don't allow it to boil.

5.      Grease the moulds with a little bit of oil and/or powdered sugar, this will help to take them out of the mould.

6.      Pour the mix in the moulds, and allow it to cool at room temperature for at least 12 hours.

7.      Take out of the mould carefully. You can cover them in some powdered sugar before serving them if you want to.