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Orujo Panizo Cream Liqueur Buttercream

Orujo Panizo Cream Liqueur Buttercream

Orujos Panizo

A delicious and tasty recipe with subtle varieties made by adding orujo cream liqueur or rice cream liqueur. This recipe was extracted from the following blog:   

Recipe Ingredients
  • Powdered sugar (200 g) ·       
  • Unsalted butter at room temperature (150 g) ·       
  • Orujo Panizo Liqueur (one tablespoon) ·        
  • Vanilla extract (one teaspoon)


Recipe Preparation

Preparation method: In a mixing bowl, sift the sugar and add the vanilla extract, the Orujo Panizo cream liqueur, and the butter. Start whisking slowly to avoid the sugar spilling out of the bowl. You can whisk more vigorously once the ingredients are completely mixed. Continue to whisk until you get a whitish buttercream in greater volume. You'll see that its texture will be much creamier and not greasy at all.