Panizo Recipes
Queimada de Orujo Panizo

Queimada de Orujo Panizo

Orujos Panizo

La Queimada is a traditional drink typical of Galicia, Spain, and it is tied into its mythology. The main ingredient is the orujo brandy (or aguardiente). It is mixed with sugar and burnt in a mud dish. In that way you its alcohol level is lowered and the sugar melts. The rest of the ingredients depend on the chef, but they are usually lemon and orange zest and coffee beans. The quantities of the ingredients and the cooking time vary depending on your individual preferences.  

Recipe Ingredients
  • Orujo Panizo Brandy (1 litre)
  • Sugar (150 g)
  • Lemon or orange zest
  • Coffee beans
Recipe Preparation

In a terracotta container (the size depends on the quantity you'll want to make), add the desired Orujo Panizo Brandy and the sugar. Roughly follow the following proportion: 150g of sugar for each litre of aguardiente. For example, 3 aguardiente litres would take with 450g of sugar. Pour as much lemon and orange zest as desired. You can also directly add the peel or even small slices With a scoop, take some of the content from the container and light it on fire. Once the flame appears, bring it close to the container of the Queimada carefully to transfer the flame to the rest of the content. (This is the safest option.)

Stir carefully and slowly without touching the bottom of the dish.

Add a handful of coffee beans and keep stirring, now reaching the bottom occasionally.  Depending on how much alcohol you want your drink to contain, you let the flame burn out by itself or put it out yourself.  If you serve it in terracotta, clay or glass recipients, watch out. Drink it slowly and carefully, you could burn yourself.