Vanessa Pérez BonaviñaSecond place in the 7º Concurso Nacional de Cócteles de Orujo Panizo
Cocktail Ingredients
-70 ml. Single-variety Premium Sauvignon Blanc Spirit
-15 ml. Martini Dry
-10 ml. Ginger Liqueur
Cocktail Preparation
We pour the 15 ml. of Martini Dry and the 10 ml. of Ginger Liqueur into the shaker with ice, we stir well and then we remove the two liquid ingredients. To the same ice we add the Single-variety Premium Sauvignon Blanc Spirit, we stir and drain into a cocktail glass we have cooled beforehand.
We perfume with a twist of lemon to extract the essential oils from the rind and we remove it. To conclude we add a chilli pepper garnish.