Mai PaniTai

Mai PaniTai

Víctor Manuel Suárez MoraSecond place in the 9º Concurso Nacional de Cócteles Panizo
Cocktail Ingredients
-2 cl. Panizo Herbal Liqueur
-2.5 cl. Panizo Rice Pudding Cream
-7 cl. Mixed carrot, orange and lime juice
-6 cl. Pineapple juice
-2.5 cl Panizo Toasted Liqueur
Cocktail Preparation
The Herb Liqueur is poured directly into the glass with ice. The other ingredients go into the cocktail shaker (except the Browned Orujo Liqueur which is served directly in the glass when the cocktail is finished).
The garnish comprises carrot, turnip, lemon and orange. The drinking straw is wrapped in lemon peel.