Panizo & Grapefruit

Panizo & Grapefruit

DAVID LÓPEZ SÁNCHEZFirst place in the 9º Concurso Nacional de Cócteles Panizo
Cocktail Ingredients
-3 cl. Panizo Single-variety Orujo Verdejo Spirit 
-2 cl. Panizo Lemon Liqueur
-1 cl. G'Vine Gin
-1 cl. Monin Grapefuit Liqueur
-2 cl. Pink grapefruit juice
-1 cl. Lime juice
Cocktail Preparation
An aperitif cocktail made by adding all the ingredients in together.
Once all the ingredients are well mixed, we serve in a cocktail glass the rim of which we have previously dipped in pink grapefruit juice and sugar.
We conclude the cocktail placing a pink grapefruit segment garnish and orange and lemon zest.