Monovarietal of Marc Sauvignon BlancPanizo

The Sauvignon variety from France, is a very aromatic grape. Its name comes from "sauvage" and "vignon" which means "wild vine".

The raw material comes from wineries of different denominations of origin and is collected in a period not exceeding three hours after the marc has been pressed, to prevent fermentation.

Silage making occurs in small silos not more than 1500 kg, allowing anaerobic fermentation of the residues. After no more than 25 days after silage, its alcohol and acidity level is analyzed and distilled in copper kettles by steam at low pressure. From each boiler we only use the best, centers or hearts of each distillation.

So we get a premium marc, vegetable preserving flavors and exotic fruit notes of the Sauvignon variety from which it comes.

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